How to slow travel – a guide

Woman looking at the view from train

Why not approach everything in life a little more calmly, consciously and mindfully – including travel? Slow travel is a movement intended to counter our hectic everyday lives. It’s a concept that reminds us of how inspiring and engaging to the senses travel can be. We show you how to plan your next journey more consciously. Let’s travel! Slowly.

Have you ever found yourself making an ever-growing list of places and sights, or “must-sees”? Only to tick them off as quickly as possible during your trip? Then it’s probably high time to think about the reasons you want to travel in the first place.

Woman sitting on bench on the background of  the glacier in Swiss alps

The art of conscious travel

Many people are drawn towards the new philosophy of slow travel for precisely this reason. Instead of seeing as much of a country as possible and moving on to a new place each day, the idea is to take your time as you travel. Immerse yourself in new cultures, observe everyday life and discover picturesque landscapes. I think many of us can relate to the longing for a more authentic experience without being in such a rush all the time. Just relax – you don’t HAVE to do anything. And you definitely don’t have to try and fit in every single thing. So put the long checklist aside and join the slow travel movement.

«You don’t HAVE to do anything. And you definitely don’t have to try and fit in every single thing.»

To inspire you, here are eleven tips on what to take into account to make your next trip or upcoming excursion a slow travel experience.

How to Slow Travel

  1. Where should you go? To an unfamiliar place? Or to a place you think you know? (This can be very exciting too, see the extra tip at the end).
  2. Move away from the idea of having to make a long “must-see” list.
  3. Obtain ideas and inspiration from the environment, magazines, films – and the Internet (but be careful not to get caught up mindlessly scrolling!)
  4. How would you like to travel? Choose consciously. By train, boat, bike or on foot?
  5. Do you want to travel alone, as a couple or in a group?
  6. Travel without a data subscription. Let the analogue world guide you.
  7. Travel in the low season.
  8. Or not. But be aware of when a destination will be particularly busy or when certain places like restaurants, cafés, etc. might be closed.
  9. Take on a maximum of one thing per day (a walk on the beach, dinner at a restaurant, a visit to a museum, a hike, etc.)
  10. And sometimes, nothing at all. Plan unplanned days.
  11. And if things don’t go quite as intended, the change of plan can provide inspiration and give you an incentive to do something else. Because that’s exactly what slow travel is all about: letting yourself be guided along, being curious and mindful, and suddenly discovering great joy in small things.

Extra tip: Discover your own town, village or region from the perspective of a stranger. What would particularly fascinate them? The view? The clear water? The high mountains? Do some research and put together your own guide. Or ask a friend, work colleague or family member for travel tips. Get involved in the experiment and experience a new side of travelling.

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