All roads lead safely to …

A tourist in a train looks at a map

Don’t let travel stress spoil your weekend trip. Get from one place to another with peace of mind alongside the 1.16 million people who use public transport every day. We’ve put together eight tips to help you travel safely. Be alert, enjoy a carefree journey and experience an exciting adventure.

Getting from A to B: many different people come together on public transport. Sometimes life stories are exchanged, sometimes only glances. People laugh out loud or may simply smile to themselves. A journey can become a remote office or the main attraction. To stay safe on your journey, be it long or short, it’s important to remember the following basic rules.

A young tourist girl with backpack waits for train on railway station

8 travel tips for a safe and pleasant journey

  1. Always keep your valuables, bags and backpacks with you or within sight at all times.
  2. Be especially attentive when there are large numbers of people travelling and in crowds.
  3. Never leave your bags and backpacks lying around open. Always lock them.
  4. Ideally, you should stow your luggage under you seat or safely overhead.
  5. Are you travelling by bike, skateboard or e-scooter? Then get off and push or carry it as soon as you reach the station.
  6. Are you waiting for a train? Then make sure you stay behind the safety line.
  7. No matter how you travel, whether by train, bus or tram, hold on tight everywhere. Full braking is unexpected and can end painfully.
  8. It may sound obvious, but it’s very important never to climb on trains or cross tracks.
  9. And just in case something happens that couldn’t be prevented, you’ll be even more relaxed on your travels with public transport insurance.

That just about covers it! We wish you a smooth journey – wherever it takes you.

What should you do if something goes wrong?

If an item is stolen from you or if you see something happen to someone else, call the SBB Transport Police on 0800 117 117 and inform your insurance company.

Instead of letting the stress get to you, be carefree and safe on your travels – with public transport insurance.